New York City

Up until 2005, Jamaica was the terminus of my layout. In 2005 I gained access to a smaller room in the basement in which I could model New York City. My intent was to model Pennsylvania  Station, including the LIRR ticket booths an the shopping plaza below Penn Station, and the LIRR’s underground tracks below the shopping plaza. I also wanted to capture the “canyons” of NYC, so-called because of the skyscrapers that rise up on each side of the Manhattan streets. Finally, I wanted to capture the feel of an urban environment and modeled a double track elevated subway, which loops around my city scene.

The simulated electrified tracks that leave Jamaica go down a grade and enter a tunnel. The tunnel has a cutout on one side showing the curved sides of the tunnel and the tunnel lights. These tracks will bring the electric trains into a cutaway of the underground platforms in Penn Station. The trains will the proceed back to Jamaica.  
In order to turn the steam and/or diesel trains around that were arriving at Jamaica, I also ran trackage around the perimeter of my NYC module so the trains could reverse direction.
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