Although the Long Island Rail Road Port Jefferson Branch ran along the north shore of Long Island, it did not run close enough to be within view of Long Island Sound or any of the bays and harbors along Long Island’s north shore. For the most part in ran several miles inland.

Nevertheless, I wanted to model a waterfront scene. One reason is that I think they are picturesque and can add a lot to a layout’s diversity of scenery. Another is that I had fond memories of spending my summers at my father’s small marina on Huntington Harbor while growing up, and I wanted to build a model of my father’s marina on my layout.

Also, while in high school, I dug clams in Northport Bay to earn money for college, and I sold all the clams I dug to a wholesale seafood company called “Kelsey’s Seafood.” Thus, my waterfront scene also has a “Kelsey’s Seafood.”  While the settings for my dad’s marina or Kelsey’s Seafood on my layout do not match the actual settings, I think they still capture the ambiance of the Huntington waterfront back in the 1950’s and 1960’s.
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