Port Jefferson Branch

The Port Jefferson Branch of the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) is one of the busiest branches of the LIRR, and extends from Hicksville, where it splits off from the main line, and runs in an east and northeast direction to the Town of Port Jefferson located on the north shore of Long Island. Currently the trackage is electrified out to the town of Huntington, with diesel service for trains that proceed further east of Huntington. For the periods that I model, electrification only extended to Jamaica.
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Huntington is a town on the north shore of Long Island about 40 miles east of New York City. The town center is a few miles just south of Huntington harbor, which is a harbor off of Huntington Bay on Long Island Sound. The LIRR actually ran about 3 mile south of of Huntington, through a town called Huntington Station.


Greenlawn is a small town a few miles east of Huntington through which the LIRR ran. It was also the closest LIRR station to my home and ran adjacent to my high school. The model of the Greenlawn station on my layout is almost identical to the station in Greenlawn.


Although Farmingdale was not on the Port Jefferson Branch, I had the opportunity to add an icing platform and a pickle works (Stern’s) to a section of my layout. While Stern’s was a real pickle business on Long Island, it did not exist near any LIRR trackage. Nevertheless, it makes for an interesting industry and siding on the layout.


I wanted to model a waterfront scene. One reason is that I think they are picturesque and can add a lot to a layout’s diversity of scenery. My dad’s marina and Kelsey’s Seafood on my layout capture the ambiance of the Huntington waterfront back in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

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