Atlantic Branch

The Atlantic Branch is an electrified rail line owned and operated by the Long Island Rail Road. It is the only LIRR line that runs in the borough of Brooklyn.

Partly underground and partly elevated, the Atlantic Branch runs from Atlantic Terminal in Downtown Brooklyn to Valley Stream, in Nassau County, where it becomes the two-track Long Beach Branch with the two-track Far Rockaway Branch splitting southward just east of the Valley Stream station.

On my layout, I model Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, and I called the trackage going into this area the Atlantic Branch. Also note that my Flatbush Avenue has an elevated subway over it, whereas the real Flatbush Avenue doesn’t. Again, my intent was to capture the the general ambiance of the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn on my layout, and elevated subways are an integral part of the transportation system in these two boroughs.
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Flatbush Avenue

My intent was to capture the ambiance of Flatbush Avenue, with all the unique signage in front of the stores. The signs on the storefronts on my layout came from internet photos of real stores in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan.  Although an elevated subway does not run above the real Flatbush Avenue, I added one to help create the ambiance of the urban environment. It is automated and can run continuously during operating sessions adding realism to the session.

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